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Adtrac connects media and ad agencies to suppliers of digital out-of-home advertising spaces. Our marketplace makes booking, analysing and billing for campaigns much easier and more efficient.

Our tool is extremely intuitive to use, and the artificial intelligence behind it is extraordinarily powerful. The client defines the target groups, campaign period and budget, and we do the rest. Thanks to precise analytics, you always have access to the figures in real time.

Adtrac for media agencies

Adtrac is the all-in-one platform for professionals. And for people who would prefer to spend their time wisely by offering customers strategic advice rather than frittering it away on admin.

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Adtrac for advertisers

Adtrac is so intuitive to use that you as the advertiser can book and analyse your next campaign in-house. We’d love to show you how.

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Adtrac for location partners

Do you have digital advertising spaces outdoors and want to make better use of them? Advertising customers can simply book your screens via our growing network, without you having to do any work.

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We can also provide you with your own marketplace as a white-label solution. You can find more information on this here:

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