It’s your store, so it’s your advertising space.

With Adtrac, you as a retailer can transform screens and in-store audio into media inventory. Without having to surrender large parts of your revenue. Not even to us.

With Adtrac, you have full control over bookings, reports, etc. at the push of a button. And also full transparency over the performance of any marketers. There’s only one thing you don’t have: effort. With Adtrac, you save around two working days per campaign.

No brokers, no middlemen, no revenue share.

In the media marketplace, there are countless brokers and middlemen between retailers and suppliers. With FMCG, up to 70% of advertising expenditure is lost in fees and commissions.

It’s different with Adtrac: you can now sell campaigns directly to your suppliers. If you wish, you can also integrate third-party providers (marketers, media agencies) directly into your system.

Nothing sells with as much margin as advertising space.

Screens and in-store audio can do much more than just increase in-store sales. With Adtrac, you can also sell advertising space to your suppliers or, if you wish, to third parties. So you won’t just be earning at the till.

With Adtrac, you can scale. Because we are a software provider and not a marketer or seller, we do not require any revenue sharing. Instead, we have a simple licensing model.

We would be happy to introduce Adtrac to you in an obligation-free 30-minute call.

Adtrac is already paying off for these customers.

And for our customers’ suppliers too, by the way.

Who’s behind it?

We want to give retailers back control of their advertising space and make the entire planning and display of campaigns much easier. That’s why Adtrac is available in a transparent subscription model.

Would you also like to sell advertising space at better conditions?

Good choice. Let’s exchange ideas – without any obligation – and we’ll show you how great your sales potential is. Simply contact us by email or book an introductory call.