A screen is more than just a screen.

Make marketing your advertising space easier and more lucrative without any middlemen, commissions or Excel spreadsheets. The main advantages:

Adtrac can do almost everything:

  • From booking to live reporting to billing at the push of a button.

  • Smart targeting (time, season, weather, socio-demographic criteria) and professional analytics are also included.

  • You have full cost transparency at all times, both about our fees and third-party costs.

Nothing sells with as much margin as advertising space.

If you hand over your in-store media to someone else, you can often only book limited advertising space for yourself. Not with us. Your marketing team can upload content and campaigns to the CMS at any time and promote sales.

Make your screens an integral part of your services to your suppliers and offer campaigns or credits right away at the time of purchase.

You can also enable your suppliers to book additional advertising space at any time on their own initiative. This means your customers can place advertising quickly and easily, right at the POS.

You can offer advertising space in the market yourself or via marketers to generate additional income.

Inventory that plays by your rules.

  • You set prices and booking deadlines.

  • You decide who gets direct access to the system and who logs in via your team.

  • You can set up sales channels for marketers and define the access rules (percentage, first-come, etc.).

  • You can view all bookings, offers and transactions. That way, you can virtually rule out any hidden fees.

  • We’ll coordinate all the revenue streams for you.

Media booking that’s simple.

Adtrac was developed together with professional media buyers. The process is intuitive and all the steps are self-explanatory. New team members can learn how to use it in less than 20 minutes.

  • Entering and managing a campaign requires less than 10% of the previous effort.

  • Existing business processes, such as invoicing and supplier negotiations (advertising allowances etc.), can be directly integrated into Adtrac.

  • Our AI-based demographic model predicts visitor flows and helps you to control the campaign precisely and efficiently.

  • Adtrac is directly connected to the CMS of the screens.

  • Different users can plan and book at the same time. Adtrac coordinates and automates the processes, preventing errors.

Want to hear about even more advantages?

There are quite a few we’d be happy to describe. Simply book a 30-minute call.

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