You sell, you earn.

You can scale with Adtrac – including your sales. We don’t demand a percentage share. Instead we offer our service on a simple, transparent licensing model. That way, you know the costs in advance and have a great incentive to get the most out of the many options.

Our simple pricing model:

You can also take advantage of volume and loyalty benefits.

1-year trial 3-year subscription 5-year subscription
Licences from Licences to Discount licence/
Discount licence/screen/
Discount licence/
100 499 0 CHF 140 CHF 120 10% CHF 108
500 999 10% CHF 126 10% CHF 108 20% CHF 96
1,000 2,499 20% CHF 112 20% CHF 96 30% CHF 84
2,500 4,999 30% CHF 98 30% CHF 84 40% CHF 72
5,000 999,999 40% CHF 84 40% CHF 72 50% CHF 60

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Unlike an ad booking, collaboration between us and our customers is not yet fully automated. Write to us, call us or book a call and we’ll get an offer to you right away.

If you already have a CMS system, it will only take you about two days to start earning money with Adtrac.

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