Forget everything you thought you knew about media booking.

Adtrac is easy to use, and our software is changing the market and the processes.

There used to be countless brokers and intermediaries (media owners, marketers, supply-side platforms, demand-side platforms, media agencies, etc.) between you and your supplier. The result: up to 70% of ad spend was lost in commissions and fees.

Then, Adtrac appeared on the market.

With our solution, you give your customers direct access to your advertising space, which, unlike in the past, really only belongs to you. Third parties are present where you or your customers explicitly request this.

Your advertising customers’ money flows into measurable ad impressions and not into the pockets of middlemen. Since offers from third parties are uploaded directly via Adtrac, customers have a precise overview of the success of their campaign.

You are no longer the location partner, but the operator and marketer in one. Gone are the days when you had to share a large portion of your earnings.

One thing reduces considerably: the expense.

Adtrac saves an average of two working days per campaign:

Whether via your sales team or directly in your user interface: Adtrac simplifies planning for you and your suppliers to just a few simple steps.

Your customers upload the advertising material directly into their planning. These are checked automatically so that there are no transmission errors.

Your advertising material is automatically delivered to the CMS. Your planning triggers them at the right time and in the right place.

You can follow the progress of your campaign live and share the tracking with customers.

Adtrac uses the playout data for transparent billing at the end of the month. The invoice data is transferred straight to your accounting software.

Would you also like full control over your advertising space?

Just get in touch with us. We’ll help you get the most out of Adtrac. The easiest way to get to know us personally is in a 30-minute call.