The Adtrac Campaign Tool

The Adtrac Campaign Tool is a web-based tool that allows advertisers to create and have full control over their campaign. Development will be complete in Q1 2020, and the tool will be ready for the first few test customers from April. The functions include:

All you need for your campaign is your advertising material in 4K resolution and in portrait and landscape format. The Adtrac Campaign Tool allows you to upload the advertising material directly to our servers. The advertising material is automatically adapted to your campaign’s digital out-of-home formats.

When creating the campaign, you define the criteria for audience targeting or time-based broadcasting. Audience targeting and time-based broadcasting can be combined too. Within one working day of upload of your advertising material, Adtrac checks whether the advertising material complies with legislation and informs you of the approval by email and in the Adtrac Campaign Tool.

This allows you to make data-based decisions on whether to adjust the criteria at any time during the ongoing campaign in order to ensure the campaign performance is continuously optimised.

The campaign evaluation provides you with detailed insights on how the campaign is performing. Reports can be accessed at any time in the Adtrac Campaign Tool – both in real time and after the campaign has ended. The Adtrac Campaign Tool allows you to manage and create your campaign without a customer advisor. Logistical obstacles and bottlenecks are a thing of the past too, as you no longer have to deliver numerous different advertising formats.

See how the campaign is performing in real time using the live tracking function in the Adtrac Campaign Tool: when and where your advertising material is being broadcast, content analytics, etc.