Are you a media professional? Do you work with Excel?

Adtrac is your professional tool for every step of the campaign, from the quote right through to billing. It makes booking digital OOH advertising spaces so efficient that it leaves you with more time to offer your customers strategic advice – or to drink coffee!

Do you want to continue obtaining and comparing quotes, renegotiating, manually booking various locations, creating reports, possibly optimising campaigns and writing several invoices at the end of all this? Then maybe Adtrac isn’t for you.

Your benefits

  • A simple all-in-one tool for booking, controlling, reporting and billing

  • Data-based forecasts for every single screen

  • Support with planning and optimisations through artificial intelligence

  • Precise information on data accuracy for every single screen

  • Reservations can be made for 10 days or up to 4 days before the campaign launches, until your customer has confirmed them

  • Smart offers for the remaining budget make views very affordable

  • When developing the tool, we collaborated closely with agencies and incorporated their needs into the tool

  • Browser-based software and mobile app

Book a live demo prior to your first campaign.

We would love to show you and your whole team how simple Adtrac is. Simply book a 15-minute demo, and we’ll do just that. The time spent here will pay for itself – several times over.

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